In this documentary my vision is to offer a rare glimpse into the daily lives of the Cuban people and their beautiful music that is treasured around the world. To be a witness to such great talent has been pure joy for me!  Roberto Napoles and Reinaldo Creagh working again was a very special experience and hopefully for the people that see our film.

Born and raised in Northwest Indiana, USA
BS degree in business from William Woods College——Fulton, Missouri
Certificate in Documentary Film and Video from New York University

1970-1974   Associate in Executive Training Program at I. Magnin and Co……San Francisco, California
1975-1980   Owner and Manager of retail store,”‘Andean Imports’”  importing merchandise directly from South America
1980-1985   Owner and Manager of women’s boutique, ‘”Cynthia B. Ltd.”‘ in Chicago area
1988-1995   Owner and Manager of women’s boutique, “‘The Chama’” in Houston, Texas
2005-Present   Documentary Filmmaker and Producer
2008-2009   Produced the Documentary, ‘”Los Reyes del Son”‘ in Santiago de Cuba

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